Why Does The Flick Case Matter?

by Niels Salewski

Oct 15, 2023

This morning some evidence showed up which proved that Friedrich Flick is a cruel monster. We had heard that the prosecution had a very important document, and after asking for it, they brought it to us.

The evidence was a photograph, a document #52, and a letter from someone named Johannes, who said “I was a slave worker and saw Flick walking around in his factory”. The letter continues, “The guard was hitting the worker … and Flick stood there and watched … as if he was enjoying it.” 

The prosecution said it was all fake. 

After looking closely, we also decided that it is a fake. Document #52 is clearly photoshopped. The photograph does not seem real. 

Now we wanted to know why, and who, would give this fake information to the prosecutor. Maybe it was supposed to be a distraction for the prosecutors, so that they would waste time on something fake, and spend less time on the important facts. 

Flick’s defense team said that all the people who have something to lose in this case, are people who care about the case. That could be a lot of people.

Why does the Flick case matter so much? There are the workers in Flick’s factories, the business world Flick was a leader in, the Allies (USA, France, England, and others), or even the defense team. The prosecution said they suspected the defence team of giving this information, but they did not accused them, and they said that they had no evidence at all.

But I am not one of those powerful people. I am a simple reporter, a member of the public. Why should this case matter to me? 

I think Flick is a cruel person, and I think that cruel people should be punished. From my point of view, I just want justice in the world. The bad people should be punished for their acts. 

From what I have read, Friedrich Flick is one of these bad people, and he should not be unpunished.