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  • Is Justice Justified?

    Is Justice Justified?

    Milica Jovanović October 16th, 2023 As a society, we would all like to think we have progressed far from the issues of the past, as well as the mistakes of our ancestors in history; yet, war is still ongoing and crime is still happening everywhere, every day. So how can we ensure truly leaving barbaric…

  • Why Does The Flick Case Matter?

    Why Does The Flick Case Matter?

    by Niels Salewski Oct 15, 2023 This morning some evidence showed up which proved that Friedrich Flick is a cruel monster. We had heard that the prosecution had a very important document, and after asking for it, they brought it to us. The evidence was a photograph, a document #52, and a letter from someone…

  • Does the MICC Matter If No One Trusts It?

    Does the MICC Matter If No One Trusts It?

    by Teodora Kobaš Oct 15, 2023 Today, we are diving into a thought-provoking question that often buzzes around the world of international affairs: Does the court (the court of the MICC) matter if no one trusts them? It’s a significant question that warrants exploration and discussion.  The International Criminal Court is a permanent international court…