What If I Am Wrong?

by Ana Nastić

Oct 15, 2023

The defense team claims that it’s not important if the person they’re defending are guilty. They are doing their job professionally, and they are biased 100% for their client. The prosecution team also claims that they stay professional when they think that their client is guilty. “If he’s not really guilty, the defense will do their job” they say.

Today we received a weird letter from a mysterious person. The letter shows us the dialog between the lawyer for prosecution of Dražen Erdemović and his wife. The dialog was recorded by electronic surveillance, but it was also per order of a person whose identity stays unknown. In the phone call, the prosecutor claims that Dražen is not really fully guilty and he’s not the main culprit.

His wife then asks him why he is still prosecuting him to which he continues to explain to her that it’s frustrating when the system doesn’t work the way it should. Regardless, he says that it’s just his job and he cannot just drop the case because he feels unjust.

In the letter we can clearly see that the prosecutor is doubting the guiltiness of Dražen Erdemović, but does not do anything about it. He wants to stay professional, no matter the situation.
We still don’t know if the letter is real or not, or if the conversation is authentic. We should take in consideration that this could also be a fake. Nevertheless, it still raises a very important question.

We should ask ourselves, do we really believe the defense and the prosecution team? Should we really trust them? Are you really willing to let the guilty people walk around just because the person defending them is good at their job? Should innocent people be punished just because the prosecution is better then the defense?

If I was, for example, on the prosecution team and consciously put an innocent man behind bars, I wouldn’t be able to live with that fact for the rest of my life. It is as if the prosecution/defense team are actually working against the public and letting criminals roam around or locking innocent people in jail because, as they say, they want to stay professional.

It makes me think, is the justice system really just? After all those years we spent building this whole system, which is supposed to be the best, we ended up with this. The main purpose of court is proving the innocence or guilt of the accused person, yet we still fail to do that with the so-called best solution. There are thousands of people who are criminals enjoying their life freely, and even more people who didn’t do a thing still suffering in their cell.

That doesn’t sit right with me, and I hope that it doesn’t sit right with you either.