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  • Is Justice Justified?

    Is Justice Justified?

    Milica Jovanović October 16th, 2023 As a society, we would all like to think we have progressed far from the issues of the past, as well as the mistakes of our ancestors in history; yet, war is still ongoing and crime is still happening everywhere, every day. So how can we ensure truly leaving barbaric…

  • Forced Sterilisation of Roma Women in Slovakia

    Forced Sterilisation of Roma Women in Slovakia

    Discrimination or anti-romani sentiment against the Roma people is a serious problem and human rights issue in many countries including Slovakia. This phenomenon is very often based on stereotypes revolving around criminality, laziness, and receiving undeserved benefits from the state. In the 2009 survey conducted by EU-MIDIS across several European countries, including Slovakia, which was…

  • The Reality of Abortions in Poland

    The Reality of Abortions in Poland

    Poland has one of the most stringent abortion laws in the European Union. As of 2023, abortion is permissible under two circumstances: when the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life or health, and when the pregnancy is the consequence of rape. Abortions require a doctor’s consent and written permission from the pregnant woman. Violations may lead…