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California News Weekly Update 3 April 2n

Team Name (tag this post with your team name as well):

California News

What we did the past week:

Made sure we stay with our determined scheduled of posting, so that the app was ready for full publication.

Issues we had with gathering material (finding sources, verifying facts, interviews, etc.):

No issues with finding sources or material.

Issues we had with producing the content (writing, recording, editing, etc.):

We had no issues with producing the content, beyond the publishing issues we discussed with Julie with Get Storyline.

Technical issues (with WordPress or Alexa, etc.):

No technical issues with either.

What we are going to do this week. Things to improve. Who is doing what:

We will be maintaining our current posting schedule. With publication now active, we will be looking forward to enacting our advertising plan.

How we are going to test our skill this week:

We will be testing our skill with a variety of users, trying to incorporate as much feedback as we can.

Help we need:

Just advising on how to enact our advertising plan and running the skill through its publication phase.


SJSU Crime Watch User Interviews

John said there should be markers so that the user can clearly distinguish between the three or two stories that are in that day’s bulletin. Most of the people who we interviewed said that the bulletin is very informational but some of the terminology was a little confusing for them to understand, especially some of the police terms. Most of the listeners agreed that we should continue recording the crime update in our own voice because it sounds more conversational and is easier to understand than Alexa’s voice.

Some suggestions they offered were to include more information that may not be related to crime. For example, Max suggested we also include traffic information. Considering that people will most likely listen to SJSU Crime Watch when they are getting ready for the day and would be interested in dangerous traffic or weather conditions on that day.

Elyse: Selina’s roommate

Maya: Selina’s roommate

Lili: Selina’s friend

Amy: Selina’s boss

Max: Selina’s friend

May: Vinny’s mom

John: Vinny’s dad

Jaleny: Vinny’s friend

Keiana: Vinny’s friend

Riley: Vinny’s roommate

SJSU News Product Review

1)Chris Rodriguez SJSU Senior: Liked both the audio and alexa voice. He said it just really depended on the story and what version would present it better.

2) Kelly Miura SJSU Senior: Liked both voices. She thinks that the ding in between stories could be a bit more dominant.

3) Denise Rodriguez: Thought the skill was informative on the top stories on campus. She thinks it is good to keep people in the loop without having to read the Spartan Daily.

4) Amy Cabrera: Likes the skill because she can listen to what is going on at SJSU, at which her daughter attends.

5) Daniella Bejines: She hates the voice of Alexa, so she would prefer audio. However, does not own an Alexa because of her voice.

6) Daiske Eguch:i It was slow enough yet fast enough, and easy to understand. It was a nice speed and it’s good you can change the volume, the fact that alexa is a woman, it’s easier to listen to. Higher pitch is easier to listen to.
High pitch of alexa useful

7) Jackie Contreras: Clear, fine at this speed, story length short and to the point,
I’d listen to this in the morning, I listen to NPR right now, but this is good for students who don’t have much time.

8) Gabe Mungaray: Good speed. Easy sentence structure. Alexa can get annoying, but I think it’s cool. “I prefer voice, but alexa is fine for faster news.” “I wouldn’t want a serious tone unless it was a serious topic, humor is better.”

9) Catrina Ericson: Prefers the audio because the human element makes it more enjoyable.

10) Clark Reyes: Thinks that the stories should cut straight to the point and keep it as short and simple as possible.

Through all of the feedback, it seems that the majority of people are looking for the same thing. For the shorter, more serious stories we just use Alexa’s voice. As for other stories that would benefit with the human voice, it should be pure audio stories. To keep peoples focus, we should keep our stories straight to the point.