Week 7 Assignment

These TWO assignments need to be completed by Tuesday March 13 at midnight.

Task 1: Revise last week’s audio recording.

Working with your partner, revise your reporting assignment from last week. Improve the writing, the sound mixing, and other elements based on feedback you received in class. Upload to WordPress with a headline like, “Yale and Jessica [revised]” and tag with your first names (yale, jessica) and homework and week7.

Task 2: Diagram an Alexa skill

Working with your partner, diagram an Alexa skill (assignments listed below) like we did in class looking at California Speaks and Radio David as an example. This will not be easy, but do your best. First, enable your assigned skill(s) on your Alexa app or via alexa.amazon.com. Spend at least 45 minutes interacting with the skill. Try to learn everything you can about it! Take notes! Where does it work and where does it not work? Identify intents and “slots” (= tags). We suggest using pencil as you begin your diagrams!! Draw your diagrams to the best of your ability. Take a photo or photos of your diagram(s) and upload it/them to  WordPress. Give your post an appropriate headline, tag with your first names, and homework, and week7. And, look at your Alexa app to see more details about your skill. (When you are using a skill, it will often send “cards,” or short text messages, to your Alexa app, recapping information that Alexa has read or played to you. If you have questions, email David, Julie, Kathleen or Halima for assistance.


Yale + Jessica: The Washington Post Skill



  • Alexa, open Washington Post
  • Alexa, ask Washington Post for headlines
  • Alexa, ask Washington Post for a news quiz


  • Stay on top of the stories that matter with The Washington Post on Alexa!
  • Get breaking news and the latest headlines, listen to national political correspondent James Hohmann analyze the biggest political stories of the day, or play the weekly Know Your News Quiz. (Try to map all 3 of these “pathways”)
  • To receive breaking news alerts, enable notifications. Expect an alert a few times a day, or whenever there is major breaking news. (Breaking news alerts expire after 1 hour.) (Try to map how you enable these notifications.)

Nick + Matt: Golden State Warriors



  • Alexa, talk to the Warriors
  • Alexa, ask the Warriors who’s winning tonight
  • Alexa, ask the Warriors, when is the next game


    • The official Golden State Warriors skill is your guide to the 2017-18 NBA season. Whether you’re looking for a recap of last night’s action, or looking for the Warriors’ next game and how to watch it, this skill has you covered. You can also get the latest team headlines, stat leaders for every game, and check the Warriors’ current conference standing!

Omar + Tiana: CNN

Note: This skill also features video, which you won’t have access to on your Echo Dots. Just map it as an audio skill and ignore the video.


Try Saying:

      • Alexa, open CNN
      • Alexa, ask CNN for more topics
      • Alexa, ask CNN for the latest news


      • CNN brings you breaking news and the latest news topics from anchors and reporters across the globe. Just say, “Alexa, open CNN.” If you have the video-enabled Echo Show, you can tap the story you want to hear. Or say the topic name or say the corresponding number to the topic. You can say previous or next to see more stories on the list screen.
      • To dive right in, say, “Alexa, ask CNN for the latest news.” Then, ask CNN about a specific topic, such as: “Alexa, ask CNN for the latest on President Trump.”
      • While you watch, you can ask Alexa to pause or resume. Skip a video by saying next. Tell Alexa how far to rewind or fast forward when watching a video. Tap the screen to see the video title display. To hear the latest subjects CNN is covering, say, “Alexa, ask CNN for more topics.”
      • After you enable the CNN skill, here are some ways to get started:

Alexa, ask CNN for the latest news.

Alexa, ask CNN for the latest on President Trump.

Alexa, tell CNN to give me the news.

Alexa, play number one.

Alexa, more topics.

Alexa, latest video.

Alexa, scroll right.

Alexa, pause.

Alexa, resume.

Alexa, next.

Alexa, stop.

Alexa, rewind 15 seconds.

Vinny + Selina: (1) What’s Up With Trump and (2) Arlington Voter Guide

Note: You are being assigned two “simpler” skills. What’s Up With Trump focuses on Donald Trump’s tweets. Arlington Voter Guide aims to help voters in Arlington, Virginia, find out where to vote and listen to election results. Make a separate diagram for each. Note, both of these have image elements that are available via the video-enabled Echo Show device, but for this assignment, please ignore any video and just diagram it as an audio-only skill. But be sure to check your Alexa app on your mobile phone; there you can see images sent by the skill to your phone.

(1) What’s Up With Trump



  • Alexa, ask What’s Up Trump for recent tweets
  • Alexa, ask What’s Up Trump for North Korea Related Tweets
  • Alexa, ask What’s Up Trump for recent Hillary Clinton Related Tweets


  • The purpose of What’s Up With Trump is to fetch the most recent tweet that President Donald J. Trump has sent out on Twitter. Users can also find the most recent tweet that is related to a certain keyword such as “taxes” or “health care.” Users can activate and use the app by saying “Alexa, ask What’s Up Trump for recent tweets” and Alexa will respond with his most recent tweet. If a user wanted to find a tweet concerning a certain topic, the user can say, “Alexa, ask What’s Up Trump for health care related tweets.” Also, the user can limit the search timeline to only the past week by saying, “Alexa, ask What’s Up Trump for recent health care related tweets.”

(2) Arlington Voter Guide



  • Alexa, ask arlington voter guide where do I vote in Clarendon
  • Alexa, ask arlington voter guide to tell me the names of all precincts
  • Alexa, ask arlington voter guide to tell me the election results


  • Now has pie charts. Try “Alexa, ask arlington voter guide to tell me the election results” and Alexa will report in 2017 results.
  • Arlington Voter Guide can say an address for precinct poll station in Arlington County. Just say “Alexa, ask Arlington Voter Guide where do I vote in Clarendon” and Alexa will provide you the poll station address for that precinct.
  • Shows maps and charts on the Echo Show and in the Alexa App.
  • You can ask about the polling stations in any of the 54 precincts in Arlington County, Virginia. Ask for a list of all precincts to hear their names. Just say “Alexa, tell arlington voter guide to say all the precinct names.”
  • Sources: Arlington County Website, Google Maps API, Virginia.gov