Week 6 Assignment

These TWO assignments need to be completed by Tuesday at midnight.

Rewrite your one-minute news spot script on gun violence with the tips from class and from the checklist at the bottom of this email. Try to sharpen your angle and make clear exactly what YOUR story is about. Trim quotes to 10-15 seconds. Fix grammatical errors! Remove your opinions!

Re-record your improved script, including stronger, more focused quotes.
Like last week, post the written script AND the audio of the mixed story onto thenewreporter.com. This should be a NEW post.

If you’re having trouble with audio, post the script anyway. If you are having trouble with the audio, email Kathleen (kathleenipr@gmail.com)
Make the post headline “your name, week 6, revised script.” Tag with your name.

Assignment 2: You will work with a partner on a story for next week. See assignments below. Everything below is done WITH your partner.

Story assignments are as follows:

Vinny and Selina: San Jose State University economics professor Lydia Ortega is running for lieutenant governor as a Republican. She is advocating for fewer regulations and more affordable college education. She is continuing to teach during her campaign.

Jessica and Yale: Cafe Pomegranate on East San Fernando Street across from campus closed this week. Its owner, Khaled Altarkeet, decided to shut the business and “deport himself” after having trouble getting a business visa. He laid off employees and is going back home to his native country, Kuwait.

Omar and Tiana: A controversial bill that will require college campuses to offer students the abortion pill could soon become law in California. But Spartans for Life, a San Jose State University group, is opposed to it.

Nick and Matt: Some classes were canceled at SJSU on Feb. 28 due to a gun threat. Students and faculty are wondering whether the campus took appropriate measures or overreacted.

Figure out a key person to interview and arrange the in-person interview.
Do some research and decide the focus of the story. Before the interview, write a potential intro that is sharp and focused.

Think about what you need the source to say. Then prepare 5-10 questions.
Email the prepared intro and the questions to Julie (julie.makinen@gmail.com) and Kathleen (kathleenipr@gmail.com)

With your partner, sign up for a time slot to call Kathleen or Julie. ** YOU MUST EMAIL YOUR INTRO AND QUESTIONS TO US BEFORE YOUR PHONE CALL. **

Available times:
Kathleen Friday 1pm to 1:30pm 978-505-3641
Kathleen Friday 1:30 to 2pm 978-505-3641
Julie Saturday 10am to 10:30am 213-572-7117
Julie Saturday 10:30am to 11am 213-572-7117

If none of these times work for you and your partner, email both Julie and Kathleen to propose 2 other times that work for your team. We want to talk to you by Saturday evening at the latest.

Meet your interviewee in-person, in their environment, and record the interview. Remember to start recording before you greet them.

Get a scene: You will also record some activity that person is doing, or is happening in their office that could make an audio scene. For example, for a police officer, record sounds of his/her radio squawking commands, or a student group holding a rally and chanting. Remember this audio should NOT have the interviewee talking over it, though people may be talking in the background. Get several minutes of some audio from their environment that could make a scene.
Assemble this into a two-minute story and post the script and AUDIO to our class website. You can choose whose voice to record it.

Peer edit checklist for a news spot