Week 4 Assignment

due Tuesday Feb. 20 @ 3pm!

Task 1: Required Readings and Listenings (5 items)

The Fundamentals of Field Reporting http://training.npr.org/audio/nprs-howard-berkes-the-fundamentals-of-field-reporting/

Which Mic Should I Use?


Before the First Question: How to Prepare for an Audio Interview


Put Your Audio to The Test


“Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio,” by Jessica Abel, Chapter 2: “The Heat of Their Breath: Character and Voice”

Task 2: Write a WordPress Post for Alexa to read, enhanced with SSML

Write WordPress post that’s an audio news story read by Alexa. This can be fictional, but it should include at least two speakers. One host and one interviewee. Use SSML to add emotion and other voice effects. Be sure to write in a conversational tone! Use the tips and tricks you have learned so far. Test this skill on Radio David; remember, you can “Ask Radio David for the [your name] news” to preview your story. Minimum 200 words. Tag with your name, and “SSML1.”

The most entertaining post will win a prize!!

Task 3: Prepare for and conduct an interview on one of these topics: 

1) What should Congress do about DACA, ie “Dreamers” ?
2) The winter Olympics– find your own angle here! Make the interview topic specific, ie, about a favorite event, the outfits, North Korea politics etc.

Before your interview, think about what the key sound bites you want to get from this person — and write out your questions! Also consider if there’s a way to get a small scene, even 30 seconds of tape that tell us something about this person. The interview should be about 5 minutes long (don’t go too much over since the sound file will be too large to post). Remember to get a full 30 seconds of ambi!”


Convert this to the right format using these instructions. Upload this to WordPress. (Tag with your name and “Interview2”

If you have any questions, problems, etc. please email Julie at julie.makinen@gmail.com.