Week 3 Assignment

Due Feb. 13 at 3pm!!

We are migrating to a new website this week for technical reasons. The website is https://thenewreporter.com. The site will be available on Saturday, Feb. 9. Your same login and password should work. Please email David if you have questions or can’t log in. DavidIGross@me.com.

Task 1: Required Readings and Listenings (3 items)

Nancy Updike: Better Writing Through Radio, Part I


“How Not To Write For Radio”


“Phyllis Fletcher & Robert Smith’s” Manifesto


Task 2: Write a news script and post to WordPress.

Write a short news script (flash briefing style) that covers 3 news items from a recent issue of the student newspaper or another newspaper. Compose this as a blog post. Maximum 60 words per news item (total 180 words).  These will be shared in class next time; we will listen to Alexa “read” your news items. At the bottom of your 3 items, please link to the original stories that you adapted, or type in the first 2 graphs of the original story so we can see how you adapted it. Tag your post with a) your name b) your team name c) homework and d) “NewsScript1” 

Task 3:  Brainstorm an idea for an Alexa skill.

This skill should be a product that will “solve” a problem for a real-life person.  Write a blog post that introduces your real-life user/customer, what their problem/need is (which you’ve discovered by interviewing them), and what your proposed Alexa skill would do. Minimum 125 words. Tag your post with a) your name b) your team name c) homework and d) “Brainstorm1”

Task 4: Download the TapeACall Pro App ($9.99 Android, $10.99 iPhone).

We will reimburse you — bring your receipts and we will fill out the forms in the next class.

Task 5: Bring your headphones to class!!