Skill Pitch


User: Alexa, open The California Scene.

Alexa: OK. Would you like to hear upcoming events or daily news?

User: Daily News.

Alexa: OK. Here is today’s view of The California Scene.

Reporter: Justin Bieber was spotted two blocks away from Selena Gomez’s Malibu home holding two cups of iced coffee. Did someone say at home Starbucks delivery? The Biebs tweeted at Gomez later that day saying, “Maybe I should become your personal door dash.” Stay tuned to your daily view of the California Scene to see if the love is still alive between the two.

Alexa: Would you like to hear upcoming events near you?

User: No, thanks.

Alexa: OK. I hope you enjoyed your view of The California Scene. Goodbye.

News Script

Over the weekend, Downtown San Jose hosted the eight annual Feathers of Fury pillow fight. The event was held in between the unoccupied Camera 12 Cinemas and Starbucks, which gathered approximately 100 community members. The unpermitted event has no specific group or individual that runs it, however, for the first time San Jose Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco helped promote the event.

Sleep Better Feel Better is an event that took place in the Student Wellness Center at San Jose State University. Stephanie Preston, a counselor for the school wanted to bring a class setting to teach students of the importance of sleep. In her one-on-one sessions she noticed a trend that lack of sleep seemed to correlate around her students problems.  

In sports news, San Jose State athletics has a nationwide search for a new head coach of baseball. This information comes after Jason Hawkins resigned from his position. Back in January, the school had placed Hawkins on administrative leave for allegedly having the team perform in illegal practices. The Spartans are days away from their first game against Northern Colorado.