Salvatore Maxwell, Week 6, Revised script

In the wake of Parkland High School shooting, which left 17 dead and multiple injured. High School and College students around the nation are standing up against gun violence.

The San Jose State University community recently experienced a hoax of a warning that a shooting would occur on campus. Multiple universities in over 30 states have publicly joined in the fight to support gun regulations through the #NeverAgain movement.

I interviewed William Yap, a journalism student at San Jose State University where his experience and fear of school shootings has shaped his belief on how he views gun control and the impact it would have on gun violence.

Yap: “If we make common sense gun regulations now right its still gonna happen people are still gonna have guns but we’re gonna lesser the chance of it.”

On March 24, students will participate in the March for Our Lives demonstration in support of #NeverAgain.

For Ooo Juicy Drama, I’m Salvatore Maxwell signing off.

Gun Laws

In the wake of Parkland High School shooting, which left 17 dead and multiple injured. The latest debate to face the nation is the ruling on regulating strict gun laws.

Since the beginning of 2018 there has been 18 mass school shootings. I interviewed William Yap, a journalism student at San Jose State University where the subject hits close to home.

Yap: Im scared for my family too. My sister she goes to my old highschool and there was a lockdown that happened because a student apparently had a pistol.

ME: In recent news, President Donald Trump is reportedly backing away from his proposed gun laws. Yap believes that change in the nation can occur but to an extent.

YAP: If we make common sense gun regulations now right its still gonna happen people are still gonna have guns but we’re gonna lesser the chance of it.

ME: Whether Trump and his administration continue with a plan of action. It is evident that strict gun laws are on the fence.

ME: Thanks for tuning in. I am Salvatore Maxwell.

Vinnys Week 5 Assignment Task 5

Do you like gossip, want to know which celebs are feuding or even which sex tape just leaked,

well boy do I have a skill for you.

oooo juicy drama is the newest skill that gives you the latest in the

most juiciest, heavy hitting gossip in Hollywood.

If you prefer chisme, a Spanish language is available. All you have to do is ask Alexa, Que es el chisme.

No matter how you listen just know that the drama will get you saying, oooo juicy

drama every time.

Salvatore Vincente, the company responsible for Alexa’s hottest new skill, has partnered with some of the

biggest celebrities to lend their voices to chime in on the hottest topics.

Day time TV lovers can choose between the ever scandalous Wendy Williams,how

you doing to everyone’s favorite human being Ellen Degeneres.

For those that like them ratchet Cardi B will bring her wild antics to the stories,okurrrrrr.

If you want a more subtle voice, everyone’s favorite long living narrator Morgan Freeman, is here

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Hollywood is filled with scandal so let oooo juicy drama be your

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You betta get yo life, I holla! .

This skill is so fresh it even has Joe Pesci saying

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You will never listen to entertainment news the same. Make this your go to stop for the latest or

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Thanks for listening and give oooo juicy drama a chance to be your next

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News Script

Over the weekend, Downtown San Jose hosted the eight annual Feathers of Fury pillow fight. The event was held in between the unoccupied Camera 12 Cinemas and Starbucks, which gathered approximately 100 community members. The unpermitted event has no specific group or individual that runs it, however, for the first time San Jose Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco helped promote the event.

Sleep Better Feel Better is an event that took place in the Student Wellness Center at San Jose State University. Stephanie Preston, a counselor for the school wanted to bring a class setting to teach students of the importance of sleep. In her one-on-one sessions she noticed a trend that lack of sleep seemed to correlate around her students problems.  

In sports news, San Jose State athletics has a nationwide search for a new head coach of baseball. This information comes after Jason Hawkins resigned from his position. Back in January, the school had placed Hawkins on administrative leave for allegedly having the team perform in illegal practices. The Spartans are days away from their first game against Northern Colorado.

Alexa Skill Idea

Jimmy, like some, is an only child to his parents. Jimmy is trying to be an adult and enjoy his college life by going out meeting new people and dating. However, Jimmy has a tiny problem that seems to always follow him, his mother. Being the only child Jimmy is constantly bombarded with texts, calls and emails from his mother. It’s not her fault she just misses her only baby.

Imagine Alexa solving Jimmy’s problem by having a skill that will send texts or emails to his mother. This skill will allow Jimmy to put in his schedule or set reminder and find a suitable time to inform his mother of his plans so she no longer has to keep checking in multiple times a day. A more advanced feature would have voice recordings that would call his mother and respond in his voice.

Task 3: Skills Survey

The new skills I will be surveying are Local News For San Jose, I’m Bored and Remind Me. I decided to choose my California news reference on San Jose because it only seemed fit being that I reside in San Jose. I found the coverage to be clear, concise and informative. It was a scripted podcast that featured local events or occurrences that have taken place during that day. It seems to be updated by giving the information in a timely manner. I have not tested it on breaking news. The publisher is Virtual News Center. It contains one one bad review that the stories seem to be repetitive. This content can be interesting to all adult ages that reside or work in San Jose.

The I’m Bored skill was chosen by accident. After stumbling upon it I found that it said it gives thought provoking facts. Indeed it did. I know this app has nothing to do with journalism, however, it does help with writer block because it gives you a quick break to refresh your ideas. However, from a product design perspective it seems to be exactly what people enjoy. It has about 53 reviews and majority of them are positive. They like that the facts are always different and vary on different subjects. The publisher is 3LayerBelly. All ages can enjoy this skills.

Finally, the last skill I have chosen was ABC7 Los Angeles. This skill gives worldwide coverage, but also, local and entertainment coverage. It is updated regularly and has very clear information that you can follow. However, this skill is read by Alexa and not from a real human voice. I think the news would be more retainable if there was human interaction. A human voice gives the story a more realistic feel especially if the coverage is traumatic. The publisher of this skill is ABC Digital. It has about five reviews and they are all negative because they did not like a computerized voice.

I believe all these skills were developed to try and to adapt to all listeners liking but they do need minor fixes and be able to reach a more empathic audience.

Local News For San Jose:

I’m Bored:

ABC7 Los Angeles:


Alexa Skills Review

The first skill I chose was the CNN Flash Briefing. CNN is one of the leading, if not the top of its class, in delivering accurate and timely news. I found the break down of news in bullet points to be very easy to listen to, as well as the speaker using minimalistic words and stating straight facts. The publisher of this skill is CNN Interactive Group, Inc. and the frequency of this publication is updated daily and in a timely manner. The CNN Flash Briefing brings the most recent and relevant in breaking and US news, entertainment and more.  

Upon further examination another skill I found was Rosetta Stone. I was highly ecstatic to enable this skill setting because I want to find multiple ways to increase my ability to learn Spanish. This skill now allows me to learn new Spanish words and have Alexa repeat the pronunciation so I know how to exactly pronounce the word or phrase correctly. I love the fact that she listens to exactly how I say the word to recognize that I am saying it right. The publisher of this skill is Rosetta Stone Ltd. The frequency of this app is limited to only a hand full of topics such as greetings, food and drink, directions. I figured this would be the case because Rosetta Stone is a program that is for sale.  

In conclusion, the last skill I found helpful and my favorite thus far is Guided Meditation: Meditation of the Day for Calm. This relaxing skill helps cope with anxiety, stress, depression, focus etc. It gives me the calming relaxation I need as a highly overworked and stressed college student. With managing being a student with two jobs and keeping up with my studies my workload becomes overbearing but Guided Meditation relieves me of that stress from three to eight minutes long by guiding me to center myself with breathing exercises. The publisher of this skill is Stop, Breathe & Think. The frequency of this skill is set to have about 60 different guided meditations.