SJSU Crime Watch Marketing Plan

SJSU Crime Watch is an Alexa skill catered to SJSU students and staff or anyone who may be interested in crime activity around campus. We plan on growing our audience through social media engagement and advertisements. We will add the name of our skill to our email signature, post about it on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Snap and Instagram stories have a feature that allows you to link websites to a post on our story which makes it easy for anyone viewing our story to visit our Alexa skill page.

We will also buy an advertisement in the Spartan Daily and the Metro as well as a radio ad in SJSU’s student-run radio station. Another way we will try to get users is by raffling prizes for people who enable our skill. People can enter by enabling our skill and retweeting/reposting our tweets and Instagram posts. Then we will pick a winner at random and they will win an Amazon Echo that our team will purchase with our budget.