Gun Control Script Revised

Following the devastating mass shooting on February 14th at a Florida high school, gun control has been the topic of discussion throughout our nation.

Naturally, I wondered how safe my peers felt at San Jose State in wake of the Florida shooting.

People are expressing their feelings on social media platforms, but I wanted to hear from students first hand.

I went to ask a San Jose State University Senior, Chevonne Miller her thoughts on America’s current gun control policies.

Chevonne: I think that my right to go to school and get an education without worrying about whether or not I’m going to survive the day definitely is more important than anybody’s right to carry a gun.

Me: After talking to Chevonne, I met a San Jose State Junior, Vidisha Rai, who seemed to have knowledge on this topic and a very strong opinion.

Vidisha: So many of these people that have committed these mass shootings are easily able to get these literally, like, huge guns. It’s not just a handgun, they are assault rifles that are able to kill a large amount of people.

Vidisha went onto say that she doesn’t think a ban on purchasing guns will ever happen but proper legislation on gun sales needs to be put in effect immediately.

To go more in detail, Vidisha thinks there should be universal background checks, more regulation at gun trade shows and a limit on assault rifles.

Some students, however, seems to be taking the situation as a joke. Just last Wednesday, a message was found on a bathroom wall on campus reading that there was going to be a shooting at 5pm.

Campus security took precaution and so did some professors.

Me: I’m Jessica Stopper, thank you for listening.

Jessica Week 5 Task 5

Are you sick of missing the hottest trends and kick ass deals on your favorite online clothing websites?

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Week 5 Assignment Task 5

In today’s day in age there are far more information the average person needs to know than ever before. With so much going on in someone’s day the goals we set out for oneself can go unmet. I would like to create a skill that would help out anybody and everybody make sure they meet those goals. Far too many people live an unhealthy lifestyle and depressed or anxiousyikes!.

I want to create a skill that will help you not only remind yourself daily of your goals but help you make those goals possible. Alexa would be synced to your alarm and the first thing you would hear is your goals you set for the week. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in a month then Alexa would be your personal trainer ooh la la!

Good morning, Carlos.

Here is today’s goals. Make sure to eat 2,500 calories throughout the day, drink a gallon by the end of the day, and be ready for your Biology final at 5 this evening.

Holy crap. I totally forgot I had my final today.

Alexa, is my final cumulative or only based on the second half of the semester.

Your biology final will consist of 50 multiple choice questions and three essay questions that are all derived from the last six weeks of class.

phew!Thank God, I will head to school early and catch up on the material I need to know.

Wait, I can’t forget my gallon of water.

Vinnys Week 5 Assignment Task 5

Do you like gossip, want to know which celebs are feuding or even which sex tape just leaked,

well boy do I have a skill for you.

oooo juicy drama is the newest skill that gives you the latest in the

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Salvatore Vincente, the company responsible for Alexa’s hottest new skill, has partnered with some of the

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Day time TV lovers can choose between the ever scandalous Wendy Williams,how

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Week 5 Homework Task 5 – Selina

How often do you lose your car keys, TV remote or cellphone?

If you’re anything like me,

all the time.

I sit down on the couch and realize,

aw man,

I do not have my phone.

So I immediately get up and search for it. Since my phone is usually always in my hand I never really know in which room of the house I left it. Other times I will look for it all over only to realize it is in my backpack or a coat pocket. The same goes for my car keys and the TV remote. Both seem to find a way of ending up in

small ,

hard to see places. Wouldn’t it be great if we could ask Alexa to tell us where we left our phone or car keys? Our phones are already equipped with locating technology and Alexa has the ability to decipher between different rooms in a house with the smart home technology.


there was a way to give Alexa

access to the tracking feature on our phone and install that same technology

into car keys or TV remotes, we would save ourselves the

task of looking for our keys on the days we cannot be late or searching all over the house for our phone only to realize we left it in the car. This new skill would allow us to say “Alexa, where are my keys?” and

Alexa would locate the keys and respond with something like “Your keys are in the kitchen,” or “Your phone is in the bathroom.”

Alexa Pitch

Millennials have no idea what doing when it comes to their own diet. It isn’t that they hates like healthy foods or has an undistinguished palate. They simply don’t have a clue when it comes to actually making meals. Imagine an Alexa skill that on command would spout a recipe ideas for Harris. After Alexa asks you a few questions about what he might be in the mood to eat, and bada bing bada boom Alexa will find a recipe online to match the suggestion. Alongside the recipe will be short description of the meal.

This will help our millennials solve their problem of not knowing how to make the meals they want. Alexa reading the recipe will show how simple making a potential meal can be, and even if you aren’t in the mood for that particular item, you can store the recipe for later.. This way, over time, the user will establish a wide recipe book that they can peruse at the leisure later.

And this isn’t just for hapless millennials. No, this skill could be beneficial to anybody that doesn’t own a five star restaurant. You and the boyfriend unsure of what to make? Ask Alexa! Know a timeless recipe, but what to find a way to give it some new zest? Ask Alexa! Just curious about all the different ways you can make cookies? Ask Alexa! With a little help from Alexa, you’re one step closer to being the genius cook you’ve always wanted to be. Bazinga!