Gun Laws

In the wake of Parkland High School shooting, which left 17 dead and multiple injured. The latest debate to face the nation is the ruling on regulating strict gun laws.

Since the beginning of 2018 there has been 18 mass school shootings. I interviewed William Yap, a journalism student at San Jose State University where the subject hits close to home.

Yap: Im scared for my family too. My sister she goes to my old highschool and there was a lockdown that happened because a student apparently had a pistol.

ME: In recent news, President Donald Trump is reportedly backing away from his proposed gun laws. Yap believes that change in the nation can occur but to an extent.

YAP: If we make common sense gun regulations now right its still gonna happen people are still gonna have guns but we’re gonna lesser the chance of it.

ME: Whether Trump and his administration continue with a plan of action. It is evident that strict gun laws are on the fence.

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One minute Gun Control Story

(Host): The 19 year old responsible for the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida highschool faces 17 charges of premeditated murder. During his first court appearance his lawyer referred to him as a “broken human being.”


I’ve spoken with SJSU Sociology major and human rights minor Jordann Shields on what she thinks of this terminology.


(Jordann): Him being named a broken man. Like it’s kind of annoying I think it’s irritating because that’s how every single mass shooter if there white at least is named. I don’t think just because he’s mentally ill he should be excused from killing 17 innocent people 17 kids.


Host: The students will be allowed to return to school on Wednesday. Meanwhile the trial continues as well as debate over new gun control policy.


Gun Control Interviews


Following the devastating mass shooting on February 14th at a Florida high school, gun control has been the topic of discussion throughout our nation.

A debate that has been common and quite simple is: gun control or banning all guns.

I went to ask San Jose State University Senior, Chevonne Miller her thoughts on America’s current gun control policies.

Chevonne: I think that my right to go to school and get an education without worrying about whether or not I’m going to survive the day definitely is more important than anybody’s right to carry a gun.

Me: After talking to Chevonne, I met Vidisha who seemed to have knowledge on this topic and a very strong opinion.

Vidisha: So many of these people that have committed these mass shootings are easily able to get these literally, like, huge guns. It’s not just a handgun, they are assault rifles that are able to kill a large amount of people.

Vidisha went on saying that she doesn’t think the elimination of purchasing guns will ever happen but proper legislation on gun sales needs to be put in effect immediately.

Me: Well, it seems quite clear the focus is gun control because quite frankly, there really isn’t any control.

Me: I’m Jessica Stopper, thank you for listening.

Gun Violence Story



Intro: It has been nearly two weeks since the horrific mass shooting that occured in Parkland, Florida that claimed the lives of seventeen people. The debate surrounding gun control has been thrust back into front of the American consciousness. But some citizens are frustrated with the lack of progress on achieving any meaningful solution to what seems like a recurring tragedy. Our reporter Yale Wyatt interviewed student Jay Clouse how he feels about the current media cycle surrounding the debate:

Quote (Jay): I think it’s very important- when you have lives at stake- obviously, that will be important, but lives of your own, as a student, you can’t help but have a relationship to what’s happening.


Honestly, the thing that affected me the most was the students, was how strongly and how competently they expressed their opinion and make a difference in the situation.

Quote (Yale): But Jay remains unconvinced that there is an an easy solution to stop these tragedies from occuring.

Quote (Jay): I don’t want to say “Well obviously it can be fixed, it can change,” but, of course, every country is different. We’re a diverse country, culturally, ethnically, obviously a huge melting pot. And with all these clashing opinions I think it’s harder to mobilize people to come together for a common goal nowadays. But… I think it is possible. You just have to get the majority of people to find it important enough.


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Gun Violence Interview


It seems like every time we turn on the t.v. there’s another mass shooting. The most recent occured in Florida at a high school where 19 year old Nikolas Cruz took the lives of 17 people. The country has responded with force and wants to see change in current gun laws.

I wanted to turn the question about gun laws here in the country to San Jose State students and here I have Michael who is a nursing major second year and I wanted to ask him…

Michael what do you think about the current gun laws here in the U.S.?

“I do believe that the next step is to really decide whether or not they need to up protection at some of these schools and at some public spaces or to try to eliminate some of these gun laws completely”

I wanted to ask again a San Jose State student here, Dev Patel…
How important is it for those in washington dc to make some type of changes now?

“If there’s reform it will save another mass shooting from happening and I think reforming to the sense that taking away all assault rifles and keeping it to single stack handguns will be more than proficient”

Should anyone still own assault weapons, do you think some people have the right to have those?

“I really feel like there’s no real reason to have those really in today’s society”

As it stands now there is no change to our current gun laws, we will have to wait and see from our current Republican leadership if we will see any. Thank you for listening.