Refugee News Skill

Notes on my Refugee News skill, created in

  • The skill uses articles copied from the New York Times (sorry, guys) and pasted into steps in the Storyline skill.
  • Skill is “Refugee News”:
  • The skill also uses a live feed from The New Reporter WordPress website. It looks for all entries in the “daca” category.
  • In Chrome (not Safari!) you can see what the JSON feed looks like:
  • Here is what the JSON line, inside the DACA block, looks like:
  • Here is the next line that reads the item from the JSON feed:
  • Here is the line that makes Alexa ask the user whether she wants to read the next article:
  • In the skill, you can see the code that gets the feed from the WordPress website. The DACA and DACA (2) blocks are similar, but they get different values from the JSON feed. The difference is small.
    • Here are the variables Storyline gets from the JSON feed. In the DACA block, there is “0” after “items” in the variable capture. That gets the first feed entry. The “1” in DACA (2) gets the second entry. The next feed entry would be “2”, by the way. Here is the variable capture code from DACA (2):