Week 1 Assignment

The first skill that stood out to me was the NBA Flash Briefing, which is published by NBA Digital. The frequency publication of this skill is upgraded every day since the day and time of the basketball game changes daily. The NBA Flash Briefing provides the latest scores on the previous and upcoming basketball games. The skill also delivers information regarding the score and timing left in a basketball game while the match is taking place. The main reason I chose this skill is because I enjoy watching basketball and I prefer to be up to date with all the current matches. Overall, this skill was handy because it supplies the listener with just the right amount of information.

In addition, the second skill that caught my attention was Reuters TV, published by Thomas Reuters. The frequency publication of this skill alters every few hours because news is being delivered almost every couple of minutes. The Reuters TV app offers the listener with a five-minute update on the most current international and local affairs. The app provides the listener with a detailed explanation on the top political officials, the amount of people dying due to a bombing or the flu and several other facts. The reason that I chose this skill is because I want to be fully conscious of all that is taking place in the world so that I can take immediate action and raise and spread awareness through social media.

Finally, the last skill that I found captivating was Curiosity, published by Curiosity.com. The frequency publication of this skill changes every few days because new facts and topics are being found on a consistent basis. assembled The Curiosity app provides the listener with interesting facts on a variety of different topics including history, art, science and technology. This skill gives the listener a choice between two topics and then provides a thorough description on that particular subject. The listener receives an explanation which answers numerous details including the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why.”  The main reason I chose to enable this skill is because it helps enrich my knowledge in several areas. I enjoy learning new facts and I want to pass on the information I obtained because that way awareness is raised.

  1. NBA Flash Briefing: https://skills-store.amazon.com/deeplink/dp/B0763ZGR99?deviceType=app&share&refSuffix=ss_copy
  2. Reuters TV: https://skills-store.amazon.com/deeplink/dp/B01N1MTU0I?deviceType=app&share&refSuffix=ss_copy
  3. Curiosity: https://skills-store.amazon.com/deeplink/dp/B01MT1GPWX?deviceType=app&share&refSuffix=ss_copy