Assignments for May 9

  1. Continue producing great content on your established schedule. The quality of your content will be assessed as part of your final grade. This means the selection of stories, original reporting, writing and/or voicing of the material.
  2. Get the entire class, and the teaching team, to enable and review your skill. Links to California News, SJSU News and SJSU Crime Watch have been posted on the class website. The link to California Speaks will be available as soon as it is certified. Your skill should be enabled by all of your classmates and the teachers, and should have star ratings from them. That means each skill should have no fewer than 13 reviews (9 from yourself and fellow students, 4 from teachers). Teams whose skills have fewer than 13 reviews will lose points.
  3. Launch your marketing plan and acquire users. The quality and effectiveness of your marketing plan, and number of users you acquire, will be a factor in our final evaluation of your performance. Every day you delay your marketing plan is a day you have lost to acquire users.  Your teaching team mentors are standing by, waiting to approve your marketing plans and budget for executing them.
  4. Each team should create 2 slides about your team’s skill for presentation at the department showcase on May 10. Your presentation (approx 2 minutes) should cover what your skill is, how you’ve built it, the number of users you’ve acquired, and what you’ve learned in the process of making it. In class on May 9, we will review these slides AND create a short video of each team interacting with their skill. Please make sure that the content published on your skill for May 9 is very high quality as it is what will be included in the video.
  5. There will not be a final exam per se. However, we expect you to produce content for your skill up through the final exam day. We will meet during the scheduled final exam time to do a final review of your skills and to get your feedback on the class. Lunch will be provided.

As usual, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the teaching team.