Amazon Developer — How to Fill Out Form


English (US) Store Preview

Tell us how your skill should appear to English (US) customers.

Public Name *
Here is where you put the public name of your skill
30/50 characters
One Sentence Description *
Add a one-sentence description of your skill here
66/160 characters
Detailed Description *
Enter a deeper description of the skill here that will make people excited to enable it!
30/4,000 characters
Example Phrases *
You don’t need to put anything here if this is a flash briefing.
Flash Briefing does not support custom phrases.
  1. Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?
  2. Alexa, what’s in the news?
Small Skill Icon *
You need to upload an icon here that is 108×108 pixels. Julie can provide you with a California 1 icon if you would like.
Large Skill Icon *
You need to upload an icon here that is 512×512 pixels. Julie can provide you with a California 1 icon if you would like.
Category *
Choose “News” or whatever is most appropriate
Add keywords here to help people find your skill
4/30 keywords
Privacy Policy URL 
Add your own or use this one:
Terms of Use URL 
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After this, click save and continue.
The next screen will look like this:

Privacy & Compliance

Gettin’ legal with it.

Does this skill allow users to make purchases or spend real money? *


No choose No
Does this Alexa skill collect users’ personal information? *

For example: anything that can identify the user such as name, email, password, phone number, birth date, etc.


Is this skill directed to or does it target children under the age of 13? *

Please indicate if this skill is directed to children under the age of 13, as determined under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).


No choose No
Does this skill contain advertising? *


No Choose No
Export Compliance *

I certify that this Alexa skill may be imported to and exported from the United States and all other countries and regions in which we operate our program or in which you’ve authorized sales to end users (without the need for us to obtain any license or clearance or take any other action) and is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing imports and exports, including those applicable to software that makes use of encryption technology.

Testing Instructions *

Please detail any special instructions our team will need in order to test your skill. Include any account or hardware requirements. If your skill requests permissions, include ways to test these permissions requests. This information is NOT displayed to customers.

You can just write “nothing special here” unless you have something special to add. 
Click Save and Continue. The next screen will look like this.


Put your skill into customers hands.

Who should have access to this skill? *


Give access to anyone who enables your skill.

Alexa for Business Organizations

Give access to select businesses by adding organizations specific ARNs.

Beta Test Here is where you will add beta testers!!

Give access to skill beta testers by adding their email addresses. Once Beta Test is enabled, you can continue to edit your skill until you are ready to submit your skill for Amazon review.

Your Beta Test is Active

Beta Test Administrator Email Address

Put your team leader’s email here.  

Manage Access to your Skill Beta Test (4 total testers, 1 active tester)

Here is where you can add testers by email! Add your team members, your teachers, friends and anyone else! This email should be the one they use with their Alexa account. When they receive the email invitation to the beta test, they need to click the link (using their phone, not a desktop). This will open the Alexa app and open the skill and ask them to enable it. Then it will appear in their list of skills.
Teacher emails: (Julie)

Where would you like this skill to be available?  *


In all countries and regions where Amazon distributes skills

Selected countries and regions:
Click Save and Continue
When you get to the next page, Submission, STOP. Do NOT Submit your Skill for review by Amazon until you receive approval from the teaching team.