California Speaks update of 4/25

Team Name (tag this post with your team name as well): California Speaks

What we did the past week: Fully implemented the search function (“search for {term}”) in the skill, and have uploading of files reside on Amazon S3 (not any personal server).

Issues we had with gathering material (finding sources, verifying facts, interviews, etc.):

Issues we had with producing the content (writing, recording, editing, etc.): It looks like California Speaks won’t be updating for a while, so there won’t be new content in the near future.

Technical issues (with WordPress or Alexa, etc.): I struggled with running ffmpeg on AWS, it’s just running manually on my laptop for now.

Other questions we ran into:

What we are going to do this week. Things to improve. Who is doing what: Publish the skill, and respond to user feedback.

How we are going to test our skill this week: Go through the flow diagram and make sure each path works as expected.

Help we need: