Weekly Update SJSU Crime Watch


What we did the past week: We submitted one 90 second in-depth story and daily content of incidents that have happened around campus.

Issues we had with gathering material (finding sources, verifying facts, interviews, etc.): Former Police Chief Decena was the source we got to interview. We posted from bulletin but did not verify certain incidents such as “medical attention.”

Issues we had with producing the content (writing, recording, editing, etc.): Vinny had trouble access Selina Storyline and was not able to post from her account. Need to have Vinny’s storyline figured out.

Technical issues (with WordPress or Alexa, etc.):None.

Other questions we ran into:

What we are going to do this week. Things to improve. Who is doing what:We plan to improve by:
Introduce each post with “Here are Wednesday’s top THREE (any #) crime stories”
Include the time and date!
Call police to ask questions about at LEAST one story per reporter
Instead of writing the script for Alexa, RECORD the scripts in your voice
Order the stories in ORDER OF IMPORTANCE

How we are going to test our skill this week: Instead of just posting to storyline we will test with Alexa

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