California News update 4/16/2018

Team Name (tag this post with your team name as well): California News

What we did the past week: We have put the finishing touches on our schedule for who is doing what each day, and we have begun posting daily. 

Issues we had with gathering material (finding sources, verifying facts, interviews, etc.): We had no issues with gathering material, this is probably the easiest part of producing content- the hardest part is converting it into a form more suitable for audio.

Issues we had with producing the content (writing, recording, editing, etc.): The main issue for producing content is maintaining the schedule, as we have to post it at the correct time to make sure the content is fresh. Other issues we had was finding the best method for attributing sources.

Technical issues (with WordPress or Alexa, etc.): No issues that we have noticed yet, the content is published through Get Storyline and the audio is coming up when we ask Alexa. 

Other questions we ran into: No other questions we have to ask yet, but if something comes up we will e-mail Julie.

What we are going to do this week. Things to improve. Who is doing what: This week, we are making sure we are consistent with out posts so we have a week’s worth of content. We can improve the quality of the posts by making sure the converted story is suitable for listening rather than reading. Next up I believe is Tiana who will be posting Monday and Tuesday.

How we are going to test our skill this week: We will continue to check to see if the audio is coming through clear and concise. We will also be adding SSML to add some flavor in the story when necessary (especially for the fun stories!)

Help we need: No help needed yet, but we will contact immediately if it is necessary.

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