Weekly Status Update

Team Name (tag this post with your team name as well): SJSU Crime Watch

What we did the past week: Posted one flash briefing. Gathered info for one in-depth story.

Issues we had with gathering material (finding sources, verifying facts, interviews, etc.): The material is not posted on the SJSU crime bulletin in real time so we have to wait 24 hours before we can see it. Our posts will include events from the previous day instead of the day of publication.

Issues we had with producing the content (writing, recording, editing, etc.): None

Technical issues (with WordPress or Alexa, etc.): Vinny cannot access storyline.

Other questions we ran into: None

What we are going to do this week. Things to improve. Who is doing what: This week we will produce an in-depth story and update SJSU Crime Watch skill every day or as many days as there is content on the crime log.

How we are going to test our skill this week: Ask Alexa to read the in-depth story.

Help we need: Ideas for future in-depth stories.

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