Jessica Week 5 Task 5

Are you sick of missing the hottest trends and kick ass deals on your favorite online clothing websites?

good grief

Me too.



I have an answer for you!

With the Hot Deals of the Day Skill on Alexa, you’ll never miss out on those deals ever again.

Just by saying “Alexa, what’s hot today?”, Alex will list the hottest trends and deals that you are subscribed to.


It can’t get any better than this.

No more hearing what’s ooh la la and what’s boo from your friends. Instead, you’ll be the one a step ahead of everyone.

Enable this Alexa skill to have everyone saying oh snap and your bank account saying tee hee

c’mon who doesn’t like saving money?!

Now raise your glasses and cheers to your new best friend.

Look good and save money without the effort.

tick tock stop what you’re doing and enable the skill now!

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