Gun Control Interviews


Following the devastating mass shooting on February 14th at a Florida high school, gun control has been the topic of discussion throughout our nation.

A debate that has been common and quite simple is: gun control or banning all guns.

I went to ask San Jose State University Senior, Chevonne Miller her thoughts on America’s current gun control policies.

Chevonne: I think that my right to go to school and get an education without worrying about whether or not I’m going to survive the day definitely is more important than anybody’s right to carry a gun.

Me: After talking to Chevonne, I met Vidisha who seemed to have knowledge on this topic and a very strong opinion.

Vidisha: So many of these people that have committed these mass shootings are easily able to get these literally, like, huge guns. It’s not just a handgun, they are assault rifles that are able to kill a large amount of people.

Vidisha went on saying that she doesn’t think the elimination of purchasing guns will ever happen but proper legislation on gun sales needs to be put in effect immediately.

Me: Well, it seems quite clear the focus is gun control because quite frankly, there really isn’t any control.

Me: I’m Jessica Stopper, thank you for listening.

One thought on “Gun Control Interviews”

  1. Jessica, really nice job writing into your actualities (quotes)! I especially liked your voice intonation when you introduced Vidisha. And I think it strengthened your story to have two interviews.

    I think the intro could be a bit more focused, since this is such a huge topic. Since the first quote is about safety on campus, you might focus the story there.
    Also, I’m not sure this is the best way to frame the debate: “A debate that has been common and quite simple is: gun control or banning all guns.” From what I’ve heard/read it seems like hardly any one thinks we’d realistically ban all guns. Have you heard San Jose students advocating for that? If so, you could clarify this.
    However, it might make more sense to frame your story on campus safety, and what students think should be done. Ie, “I went to ask San Jose State University to learn how students think our country should try to fix gun violence.. and to see if they feel safe on their campus.

    Also let’s make sure in class to see if we can edit the quotes a bit smoother, but that’s mainly a tech issue.

    Overall great tone, concise writing and excellent sense of flow!

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