Week 4 Task 1 — SSML assignment

With only a couple of days until the season opener, San Jose State University’s baseball team is still searching for a new head coach. Their previous coach stepped down from the position after being accused of holding illegal practices. In the meantime, assistant coach Brad Sanfilippo, will be filling in as head coach until a permanent replacement is found.

Host: What are your thoughts on this coach?

Interviewee: Well, no offense to the team but you’d think that if illegal practices were being held…. the team would be a hell of a lot better!

Host: Talking about the team, how do you think they are going to perform now that their stuck in the middle of this mess?

Interviewee: Hopefully it will be a reversed effect and they fight until the finish because, let’s be honest, the odds are against them.

Host: Well their record is 2-2 after their series opener this past weekend. May the odds be in their favor this season.

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