Transit Times: understand your commute

     Kaylee Lawler is a San Jose State student, In the morning, her main fear is that she’ll miss the train. It takes a couple minutes to get to the nearest VTA light rail station, Alum rock.

She’ll run up the stairs and see her train go by and wishes she could have known the schedule before she left home.

She takes the Alum Rock line to the Paseo de San Antonio stop.
The paper fold-outs are a waste of paper, and looking online isn’t quick, she says.
Google maps doesn’t allow her to select a time to leave with simplicity
She wants a list of 3 possible train time-tables or departure times from her home address.

    I propose an interface that pulls transit information from the same sources as Google maps called Transit Times.
It uses your Amazon shipping address by default as your home, and one would be able to set addresses referenced with simple phrases like “Alexa, open Transit Times. Tell me when I have to leave to catch a train to School. This would be achieved with a 2-minute setup conversation, with natural sounding scripting.
    After that, the product would be simplicity
“Here are the three next departure times, 7:23, 7:43, and  8:13a.m. which one would you like to take?”

The default reminder will be 5 minutes before the departure time to let people get out of the door on time.  Alexa will go into reminder alarm mode for 5 seconds then say “you should leave in 5 minutes” another alarm should go off for 5 seconds “It’s time to go, fare-well!”

The simplest implementation of this skill would be a list of train times going to a destination based on official transit authority time-tables, and letting the user handle the rest to reduce the risk of annoying the user.

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