Assignment 3

With only a couple of days until the season opener, San Jose State University’s baseball team is still searching for a new head coach. Their previous coach stepped down from the position after being accused of holding illegal practices. In the meantime, assistant coach Brad Sanfilippo, will be filling in as head coach until a permanent replacement is found.

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition in hopes to change Bank of America’s policies. The petition was created in hopes for customers to stop being charged for online banking fees. Bank of America adds a 12 dollar fee to accounts that are either under 1,500 dollars or does not have at least 250 dollars direct deposited to an account.

San Jose State University’s football team has received a generous donation of 5 million dollars this past week. This is one of the largest donations the team has ever recieved. The donation came from alumni Larry and Deirdre Solari. The football team’s head coach plans to use the money on facilities, including a locker room and a players lounge.

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