Alexa Skill

Roman Stopper is a man of many strengths. Muscle memory, however, is not one of them. Not only does he sometimes forget his wallet before leaving his house, but he’ll forget to write down personal reminders for himself. Yeah, timed reminders could help, but if his schedule changes he’ll just forget about the reminder. It might sound like Roman has dementia, but let me be clear, he remembers only what he wants to.

If Alexa had a “Don’t Forget” skill, Roman’s life would run with a lot less “oh shoot, I forgot” moments. First, Roman would tell Alexa what he needs to be reminded of and what day, without a specific time. This skill would enable every time Roman says “Alexa, I’m heading out.” Alexa would then remind him of what needs to be done and to make sure he has everything he needs. For example, if Roman is going to the grocery store and he uses this skill, Alexa would remind him to bring his grocery list.

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