Alexa New Skill

Carlos, has been in the United States for almost a year now since moving from Guatemala. He is a SJSU student  majoring in engineering.  It has not been easy moving from a different country and balancing all the new changes in his life. From getting used to his surroundings and going to school, it can get hectic. Since attending SJSU Carlos has joined a fraternity on campus and has managed to be involved in the engineering department.

At times Carlos can forget when he has to do certain things with all the things he has to juggle. I would like to build a skill that can sync into his calendar and make sure not only is Alexa reading out loud his schedule in the morning but also sends alerts to his phone. A way to set an alarm and as soon as the alarm is snoozed Alexa would list all the things on the calendar according to each day. This skill will also have the ability to send alerts when things change in the schedule that way if you’re a busy person like Carlos you can stay informed on what you need to get done.

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