Week 2 Assignment

ABC News Update is published by ABC News Radio and is updated every hour. The ABC News Update is a newscast that includes the latest headlines at the time of publication. I chose this skill because I enjoy watching ABC’s World News Tonight and when I saw that this skill was published by ABC I expected something of similar quality. This skill’s “job” is to inform listeners of the most important things that are happening in the country and the world in two minutes or less. Many people struggle to get news because they don’t have time to sit and scroll through enough online content to inform themselves of every important subject in the news or they don’t have time to sit and watch an hourly newscast. This skill attempts to solve that problem by condensing every headline that hour into two minutes. From a design thinking perspective, this skill attempts to fulfill people’s desire to feel informed and engaged with what is happening in the world. The KRON4 News skill is a Bay Area news and weather flash briefing that is published by Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. I chose this skill because of its connection to the Bay Area, California. This news update is my favorite one because of the speaker’s conversational tone when delivering the news. The CNN Flash Briefing published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc. is another news update that I surveyed after discovering it under the recommended section. The CNN and ABC flash briefings were less appealing because the speaker sounded like they were yelling and speaking too fast for me to really comprehend what they were saying.

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