Task 3: Skills Survey

The new skills I will be surveying are Local News For San Jose, I’m Bored and Remind Me. I decided to choose my California news reference on San Jose because it only seemed fit being that I reside in San Jose. I found the coverage to be clear, concise and informative. It was a scripted podcast that featured local events or occurrences that have taken place during that day. It seems to be updated by giving the information in a timely manner. I have not tested it on breaking news. The publisher is Virtual News Center. It contains one one bad review that the stories seem to be repetitive. This content can be interesting to all adult ages that reside or work in San Jose.

The I’m Bored skill was chosen by accident. After stumbling upon it I found that it said it gives thought provoking facts. Indeed it did. I know this app has nothing to do with journalism, however, it does help with writer block because it gives you a quick break to refresh your ideas. However, from a product design perspective it seems to be exactly what people enjoy. It has about 53 reviews and majority of them are positive. They like that the facts are always different and vary on different subjects. The publisher is 3LayerBelly. All ages can enjoy this skills.

Finally, the last skill I have chosen was ABC7 Los Angeles. This skill gives worldwide coverage, but also, local and entertainment coverage. It is updated regularly and has very clear information that you can follow. However, this skill is read by Alexa and not from a real human voice. I think the news would be more retainable if there was human interaction. A human voice gives the story a more realistic feel especially if the coverage is traumatic. The publisher of this skill is ABC Digital. It has about five reviews and they are all negative because they did not like a computerized voice.

I believe all these skills were developed to try and to adapt to all listeners liking but they do need minor fixes and be able to reach a more empathic audience.

Local News For San Jose: https://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html#skills/dp/B01M8G6GSQ/?ref=skill_dsk_skb_ys

I’m Bored: https://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html#skills/dp/B01MTEIMA6/?ref=skill_dsk_skb_ys

ABC7 Los Angeles: https://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html#skills/dp/B01MY00ZKK/?ref=skill_dsk_skb_ys


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