Alexa Skills Review

The first skill I chose was the CNN Flash Briefing. CNN is one of the leading, if not the top of its class, in delivering accurate and timely news. I found the break down of news in bullet points to be very easy to listen to, as well as the speaker using minimalistic words and stating straight facts. The publisher of this skill is CNN Interactive Group, Inc. and the frequency of this publication is updated daily and in a timely manner. The CNN Flash Briefing brings the most recent and relevant in breaking and US news, entertainment and more.  

Upon further examination another skill I found was Rosetta Stone. I was highly ecstatic to enable this skill setting because I want to find multiple ways to increase my ability to learn Spanish. This skill now allows me to learn new Spanish words and have Alexa repeat the pronunciation so I know how to exactly pronounce the word or phrase correctly. I love the fact that she listens to exactly how I say the word to recognize that I am saying it right. The publisher of this skill is Rosetta Stone Ltd. The frequency of this app is limited to only a hand full of topics such as greetings, food and drink, directions. I figured this would be the case because Rosetta Stone is a program that is for sale.  

In conclusion, the last skill I found helpful and my favorite thus far is Guided Meditation: Meditation of the Day for Calm. This relaxing skill helps cope with anxiety, stress, depression, focus etc. It gives me the calming relaxation I need as a highly overworked and stressed college student. With managing being a student with two jobs and keeping up with my studies my workload becomes overbearing but Guided Meditation relieves me of that stress from three to eight minutes long by guiding me to center myself with breathing exercises. The publisher of this skill is Stop, Breathe & Think. The frequency of this skill is set to have about 60 different guided meditations.

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