Assignment 1: Skills Review

The first skill I chose was Verse of the Day by YouVersion. It is published by Life Church. The skill does a flash briefing every day. This skill allows you access to bible verses and other bible resources. I chose this skill because I use this app on my phone already. I usually read it in the morning but it might be nice to listen to it while I get ready. The verse of the day is read in Alexa’s voice but the other sources seemed to be pre-recorded audio provided by the app.

The second skill I chose was NPR News Now. It is published by NPR and it is updated hourly. It offers five minutes of recent news. I chose this app because I have honestly been searching for a new news source. I don’t enjoy watching news on tv or even videos online i’d rather read it from the news section on Google. I think with this i’m getting a condensed version and it has sound bites that engage my attention.

The third skill I chose was Radio Love Story. It’s basically a streaming of readings from a magazine called Love Story Magazine. The magazine was first published in the late 1920s’ and the radio show I believe aired during the 1930s’. The stories source comes from and they are licensed under Creative Commons. This skill provides “old time” radio that feature fast-paced love stories that are surprisingly risque. Imagine watching a black and white movie starring sultry-voiced women and men who say darlin’ (but with your eyes closed). This pick was random however, I do enjoy old entertainment.

Radio Love story

Verse of the Day


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